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Research Interests

Network analysis, geovisualization, geotransformation, GIS algorithms, and GIScience;
Land-use change, human-environment interactions, and agent-based complexity modeling;
Intraurban Migration, land and housing markets, land use and transportation, and urban geography.


Sun, S., C. Di, L. Li, B. Sulkow, W. Qiu (2024). Quantity of Questing Blacklegged Ticks and Associated Micro-scale Environmental Data collected from Four Suburban Parks near New York City. Data in Brief, 52: 109819. [Link].

Di, C*, B. Sulkow, W. Qiu, S. Sun (2023). Effects of Micro-Scale Environmental Factors on the Quantity of Questing Black-Legged Ticks in Suburban New York. Applied Sciences, 13 (20):11587. [Link].
  * Graduate Advisee, MS in GeoInformatics

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Kelly, D*, S. Sun (2021). How Phantom Networks, Provider Qualities, and Poverty Sway Medicaid Dental Care Access: A Geospatial Analysis of Manhattan. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (23):12383. [Link].
  * Undergraduate Advisee, BA in Geography

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